Saturday, September 20, 2008

Got Gas?

I'm having a difficult time with this.

I'm sitting here in over-priced, over-taxed Califorina--where we have oil rigs off the coast in the Pacific and in other people's back yards--wondering one thing.

HOW in Bixby's Nine Hells is there a GASOLINE SHORTAGE!?!

How much further does America need to bend over for the middle eastern countries who've all but told us to "F**k off and die" to cram their bull up our proverbial butts?!

Last I checked, Texas was known for its oil production.

So, I suppose I, as a silly American, am wondering just what the heck we're doing that we're running out of gasoline! The $4.25 I pay per gallon has to be going somewhere. I can guarantee it's not for upgrades to the gas station. It's going into some oil tycoons pocket.

Yes, Mr. President, I'm looking at you.

And your cabinet.

It's no secret, there. But, for crying out loud! A gas shortage?! Really!? What was this war about in the first place? Oh, right... Afghanistan hosted the Al Quida which came into our country and killed a few hundred innocent people.

Which makes sense that we would invade Iraq.

Because, ya know... they're so close in location. It's an easy mistake.

So, what are these poor people in Tennessee doing? Probably wishing that America would call its proctologist to have its head removed. Thank GOD the elections are soon. Not that McCain or Obama will necessarily fix the problem. But, in either case, I won't feel like my President has the brain of a carrot.

Which could be an insult to the carrot.

I love America. I think Bush has done some wonderful things... just not lately. And, sadly, any respect I had for him is now gone. He's done too many boneheaded things for me to feel confident in saying I support him.

I support the country. Not the one holding the reigns.

Please, though, don't assassinate him? The Vice President isn't much better...

Let's just focus on the right war--the one that resolves the problem of America getting her rear end handed to her seven years ago. SEVEN FREAKING YEARS!

...and we've got a gas shortage...

Lemme think here...

*Enter into a needless war with a country who wasn't a real threat at the time
*Waste taxpayers' money by keeping our troops in said war
*Keep feeding the American populace bull about how this war will help the economy
*Do ABSO-FREAKIN'-LUTELY NOTHING when the gas prices go from $1.75 per gallon to $4.75 per gallon
*Blame said increase ON THE WAR THAT WE STARTED
*Suddenly find ourselves in a gasoline crisis "because we're at war with our oil suppliers."

Here's an idea.

Get the heck out of Iraq. Let their government collapse in on itself and let them rebuild on their own. Utilize the oil that's in our own back yard while we develop alternate forms of energy. Hybrids are a good example. I'm pretty sure these scientist that waste money on needless research would be able to come up with a way to use ethenol alcohol for fuel.

I'm sick of hearing, "We can't..."

Of course we can't.

Because we're not a people who like to leave our little comfort zones. Get a divergent thinker on the team and watch those "can't's" turn into "can's."

Unless, of course, they're a Republican.

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