Thursday, October 2, 2008

Making Up

Yeah, yeah, I know... I haven't posted since Saturday.

Sue me.

I've been in pretty intense pain most of this week. Get over it. I have a life outside of ranting about politics and stupid people, ya know. Not much of one, but when I am in pain, I'm not going to try to form coherent sentences and complain about the stupidity of those humans surrounding me.

Especially when I'm on pain killers. I'd read back over the blog and be thinking, "Oh Muh Guh, Whu Tuh Fuh?!" And, really, I'd rather not.

I do that as it is.


VP Debates! Tonight! My prediction: Biden is going to absolutely trounce Palin. He'll be polite for the first, mm, 30 minutes. After that, she'll realize really quickly that her pretty face isn't going to get her very far.

Sure, the focus is on the economy. If you've been living under a rock for the past, oh, few weeks, it's a mess. The Dow-Jones is dropping faster than Bill Clinton's pants and coming up more frequently than...well, you can make your own analogy there. But, if the debates shift away from the concern that is actually more of the current President's problem to the issues on the table (such as putting an end to the useless war), Palin's going to fail.


Biden's a bulldog chomping at the bit. He's cute in that really fugly kinda way. Palin's the prim and proper poodle. Bulldogs eat poodles for lunch. Biden's going to rip her apart, in my not so humble opinion. One of my friends and I were discussing the campaigns earlier...

Well, not so much the campaigns as predicting the future. We like to think of ourselves as sort of prophets. I suppose he's the Beast and I could be the False Prophet. Now, if I can just find the Anti-Christ, we can bring on the Apocalypse and be done with the whole thing before November 2!


His prediction was that neither McCain nor Obama would survive their first term. When I asked what he meant, he simply reminded me that McCain is, well, old. If he were a lizard, he'd be a wallet...and a belt...a purse, a couple pairs of shoes... Good points all.

And Obama?

He said Eddie Murphy could explain that one. Or was that Richard Pryor?