Saturday, August 30, 2008


Most people probably agree when I say Microsoft is the Child of Satan.  Bill Gates, of course, would be Satan.

Why is that at 5:09pm, Pacific Real Time there is no new rant?  Why has there not been one since Thursday?  Because I and my SO have spent the better part of Friday and Saturday working to fix my demonic PC.  I type this notice to you from my Mac.  I shall give you a proper rant on a documented story late tonight, or (at latest) tomorrow.  I promise.

...and my promises are better than a politician's....

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Who would have ever thought way on back in 1584 when Sir Walter Raleigh received permission to colonize Roanoke, Virginia, that the United States would have deceptively bought the land from the Indians, then treated them like inferiors and forced them, essentially, off their own land. Don't we attack other countries for doing that? Ah, how far we've come. Thank you, America.

I'm sure that the Indians feel the same. I mean, they were singing the praises of the American government as the Army marched the "Five Civilized Tribes" from their homelands in the deep South to "Indian Territory" in Oklahoma. And by saying "singing the praises of" I mean "totally loathing them." The Trail of Tears marked a certain...low point in the Nation's history.

Really, the American government has not treated the aboriginal people of the continent very well. At all. And to all the "African-Americans" out there who think I owe you something simply because I'm white--piss off. I owe you nothing. We've had equal rights in this country since the 60's. Get over yourself, get a job, and make something of your life other than a waste of air. Why is that blacks like James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, and Barak Obama can make a positive impact on society? Because they don't think America owes them anything. Take a clue from them.

If you're a NATIVE American...yeah, I owe you something. My ancestors are the ones that chased you off the land. My ancestors are the ones who deceived you and then tried to eliminate your people. My current government still persecutes you and still treats you as if you were not legitimate people.

This study is rather disturbing. Grant it, I think it's a tad misleading as "the rest of America" consists of 50,000 cultural and sub-cultural groups that don't exist within the tribes, but a 10% ratio of death by alcohol-related means is a wake up call. Our government is busy off policing the world, the very people to whom we owe a great deal of thanks sit on their government-granted acreage and drink...because there's nothing else to do. They're cut off from the rest of society, in a lot of cases. They're depressed. They have no ambition and, really, why should they? The government--even though it has agreed that the tribes are sovereign nations--still try to worm their way in to take control. The Governator wants to try to tax Indian casinos here in CA. To make them "pay their fair share." They don't have a fair share.

What if...back when the White Man came to the shores of this new nation, that the Indian chiefs had said, "Fine. You can settle here, but here's the law by which you must abide"? I'm sure, eventually, we would have passed the Indian Removal Act, but it probably would have been much later. What if a Native American were to have been placed in charge of the new government that was forming? It was the White Men that drove them from their lands. The Trail of Tears wasn't for the removal of the Sioux or Blackfoot. It was for the removal of the tribes that had integrated themselves into life in the South.

If you knew your once-great people had been nearly obliterated and ostracized by the society that had "tamed" them and you were reduced to living on "tribal land" or trying to re-enter the society that had snubbed you (and continues to do so), you'd probably drink yourself to death, too. Now, this is not necessarily true of all Indians on reservations. Some have chosen to work harder and be better--David Midthunder is a good example. So is Graham Greene (though, he's Canadian).

Of the number of Native Americans that remain, 10% die of alcohol-related incidents (such as DUI's and sirocis of the liver). Why are we slapping the hands of other nations in the world for invading other countries and trying to force the people out when...we've done that ourselves? Why are we not setting the example and actually helping the Native Sons and Daughters? We think we're helping by saying they're offended by being called Indians or red-skins or saying high schools can't have "Braves" or "Chiefs" as their mascots because the Indians will be offended.

I don't think they care half so much about that as they do about being forgotten by the bastards we are.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hello, Mr. McCarthy

Ah, yes, free speech. Something every American is guaranteed in the US Constitution under Amendment 1 of the Bill of Rights...quoted, here, for your convenience:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
Of course, allow me to go on a tangent for a moment regarding this erroneous idea of the "separation of church and state." As you can clearly read in the document, that phrase does not exist. Please stop claiming it. I'm referencing this story and the people who say "religion doesn't belong in a public school." Bullpucky. Are you afraid the kids may actually stop carrying guns and grow a sense of morality? On top of that, it's an elective so they don't have to take it if they don't want to. Maybe if you'd paid attention in your government class, you'd know the Constitution a little bit better. All that amendment means is that there's not an established National religion--like Church of England. Or Catholicism. Or Muslim. Or Taoism. Hindu. Whatever. "I'll take 'A Clue' for $1000, Alex."

Moving on.

It seems our right to speak freely is constantly being abridged. "How, Rogue Assassin?" I hear you ask. In this news video from CNN, a young woman was asked to leave the SSA building in Van Nuys, CA (sadly, yes, this was in California), because her t-shirt was offensive.

If you didn't watch the video, it's a white t-shirt with small, black letters that read: "" That's right. That's all. It didn't swear at you, tell you that you smell like poo, have Calvin peeing on a religious symbol, or even have some derogatory message written on it. It just gave a website that happens to be for the gay/lesbian movement. Somehow, the security guard found this to be offensive.

She was told to leave or she'd go to jail.

"Pat, I'd like to buy a clue, please?"

Since when has what I have written on my t-shirt--my own personal property and testament to my existence--land me in jail? That, right there, violates my right to speak my mind. If I choose to wear something that calls black people "niggers," well, that's on me. Offensive or not, that may just be my opinion. If I choose to wear a t-shirt with a guy, a girl, a dog, a sheep, and an oven on it and the phrase, "F**K ALL!" that's my right. The pledge doesn't just say, "...with justice for all." It's "...with liberty and justice for all." Hmmm...that phrase sounds familiar....

Okay, so she wasn't escorted to prison and the security guard is facing some sort of punishment. But, how much do you want to bet her name ends up on this mysterious Terror-Watch List? That list that grounds you from flying. That list you don't know that you're on until you've purchased plane tickets and try to check in. That list you have to fill out an application, wait for them to "get around to" reviewing it, then decide if you should or shouldn't be on the list after they talk to you--and never tell you the results. Yeah. That terror-watch list...

The one that Drew Griffin found his name on. Coincidentally, it was -after- he ran an article on the Federal Air Marshal's program. Refusing to show ID (though not legally required) could also land you on that no-fly list. Why? Because you're calling your own rights into the situation. Is it really constitutional for the Department of Homeland security to--without probable cause or warrant--search your person and belongings? Nope. See, that's in Amendment 4 of the Bill of Rights. In fact, I wrote about that one already.

What it's boiling down to, is McCarthyism all over again. Huh. That's funny. "McCarthyism" is an actual word. Didn't come up on my spell-check as not existing. Don't know what it is? Look it up! How is this a return to that era? Because in order to get off that no-fly list, you have to convince the Department of Justice--or Homeland Security--that you are, in fact, not a terrorist. They have to agree with you. Hello? Anyone paying attention here? That list grows by 20,000 names per month. Really. Are there that many known terrorists? Here, I thought they were all Al Quida and pretty noticeable. Like Ron White says, "If I'm fixin' to get on a plane, and the guy ahead of me needs two loads of phlegm just to say his name, I'm checking his shoes for fuses. That's ain't racism...that's profilin'!"

When they outlaw speaking out, only those speaking out will be outlaws. Which is pretty much anyone who has a brain and chooses to use it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bravo, BoP

Death of former military personnel in dangerous situations always makes me sad. Especially if they've been through a war or two. Doubly so if the situation was preventable. Like this one.

Twenty-two year old Jose Rivera worked at the Atwater Federal Prison in California. He was a guard there. Federal guard. Federal guard. That is repeated for importance. He was a FEDERAL guard. If you don't understand why I'm emphasizing this, then you need to look up the prison system in America. Federal prisons are where really bad people go. Like Al Capone and Bridman of Alcatraz bad. In fact, Alcatraz was a Federal penitentiary. So, that should give you some idea of the people that are housed within Atwater.

In June of this year, two inmates stabbed and killed Mr. Rivera. Normally, this type of thing wouldn't get my dander up. Yes, I'm sad and upset that my taxpayer money goes to teach inmates how to make weapons MacGuyver would be proud of, but it's part of the job risks of working at a max-security Federal prison. I know. I had considered it a career option.

However, what they don't tell you is that you will have to do your job sans weapons. Of any kind. Or protection.

That's right, kiddies. If you want to work at the Federal Penitentiary, you don't get to carry pepper spray, collapsible batons, or even wear kevlar. You're at a FEDERAL PRISON. I'm sure the government thinks that once these murderers, rapists, gang members, etc, are put behind bars, they lose all urges to continue to commit crimes.


It's a prison! These are not good people! If they're killing each other, why wouldn't they try to kill the one or two people that stand in their way of freedom?!

So, yes, this story pisses me off even more than normal. Here's a boy that came back from Iraq where he had people shooting at him. But, he had a gun. He could shoot back. He had armor. He had opportunity to defend himself.

The BoP (Federal Bureau of Prisons) insists that its guards don't need non-lethal weapons. STATE prison guards carry pepper spray. FEDERAL prison guards must be Chuck Norris. Or Jackie Chan. Or Mr. Rogers, but that's another story. What is the Federal government thinking?! Miraculously, these prisoners are going to be civil? Nooooooooo....

I say that Federal Guards should be carrying guns. Yes, the inmates can get to those and use them to shoot the guards. But, ya know what? I'd rather have a guard shoot a prisoner than have a prisoner kill a guard. Contrary to popular belief, when a person chooses to commit a crime that lands them in a Federal prison, they lose their rights. There is no "civil liberty" for someone who's chosen to break the law. That's why it's called "punishment." I'm extremely tired of hearing about "criminal's rights." My right eye! THEY COMMITTED A CRIME! They WILLINGLY violated someone else's rights. Someone who -didn't- chose to violate the laws of America.

Heath Ledger's Joker had it right when he selected his men. "I have good news and bad news. The good news is, I'm hiring. The bad news is, there's only one position. Make it quick." Maybe, since there's such an over-crowding issue, that would be a good way to handle prisoners. "Good news, boys, you're going to Atwater. Bad news, only have one place available...."

Oh, wait. We used to do that. I think it was called THE DEATH PENALTY.

Monday, August 25, 2008


I'm sick of being nice.

I'm sick of people blaming everything on other people instead of taking responsibility. This deserves a rant. This deserves a petition. This deserves to have the people in charge sent to a firing range for target practice. With them as the targets.

A nine-year old pitcher has managed to get his Little League Baseball team disbanded. Not because he threw a tantrum and beat some kid up. Not because he cussed his coach out. Not even because he pitched a ball that injured another kid. No. His team is being disbanded because...

...he has a 40mph fast ball.

That's right! He's too damn good, so because they won't play him in another position in which he is not happy and does not excel, the Little League is disbanding his team.

WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This poor kid said (as quoted from the article), "I feel sad. I feel like it's all my fault nobody could play."

HE'S 9!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever happened to encouraging and nurturing a talent?! When did we start PUNISHING kids for being good at something?! "He can pitch against older players..." Riiight. Like the coach is going to run an age verification on every opposing player. I think not.

Where is this taking place? New Haven, CT.

This is a totally rich story, too.

Officials told the boy's coach not to let him pitch. The coach didn't understand that logic (nor do I) and when the boy took the mound, the opposing team walked off. That's teaching sportsmanship and maturity.

Yes, instead of teaching your team how to, ya know, bat against a good pitcher, let's punish the player who's doing something he loves and excels at.

Sorta like those stupid "standardized" tests. They punish the people who are intelligent in areas that aren't logic or verbal. You want to know how to squelch a child's psyche? It's not by spanking them for doing something wrong. It's by benching them for being too good.

So, yes. Let's foster mediocrity and wonder why our President thinks it's a "nucular" war and our Vice President thinks a human is a deer. Let's foster bad behavior by allowing the child to dictate his own punishment so he can go out and do something that forces James Hetfield to inconvenience your life. Again.

Then let's blame society for our lack of thought and reason in child-rearing. Let's blame the schools for not offering after-school programs that would foster skills to make the child be---oh, wait! Little League is an after-school program that would foster skills to make the child better...and when it succeeds, it's taken from the child.

Imagine what would have happened if Mendel had his microscope taken from him. Or if Galileo actually caved and went with the geocentric view of the universe. Or if Pierre and Marie Curie had put away their chemistry sets...

Imagine if Babe Ruth had been disallowed to hit. Or Hank Aaron. Or Barry Bonds.

I suggest not being a dumb American and clicking all those links in the last two paragraphs. Unless you're afraid of learning something new. If you are, then I hear there's a trash compactor that needs examination.

There Are Not Words...

My SO's great. I get real gems of news stories in my inbox at random points through the day with messages like, "WTF?! I think you know what to do with this, sweetie." I do. I so do.

This is one of those gems...

It seems that the FBI is getting involved in this one. 'Bout bloody time. Considering they won't lift a finger on the McKinney case, they need to do something on this one. The difference is, this one involved a 5 year old girl. McKinney just tried to get a 15 year old to commit felony larsony. These two Darwinites tried to sell a 5 year old for sex. I can understand the need to hop on the high horse and do something.

I'm not even sure where to begin.

Jennifer Richards (25) and Sean Michael Block (40...and married. To someone else) had a great plan. They wanted an apartment, a car, and child care for a 10-month old child. To get these wonderful luxuries that most Americans possess, they weren't going to pay money--oh, no! That's not the American way! Why pay money when Richards has a five year old daughter?

Still not following, huh. Yeah, I don't get it, either.

Richards and Block both worked at The Cheesecake Factory. I've eaten there. I know how much that food costs. You can't tell me they don't have money. Especially since Block was a bartender. Anyway, these two incredibly bright individuals thought it was a wonderful plan to sell the 5-year old for sex, then blackmail the buyer.

That only works in movies.

And if you're the FBI.

...and you have to love defense attorneys. "Yes, Your Honor, I understand the charges are severe. But, there is no evidence that my client acted on anything! He was only thinking about it."

I was only thinking about robbing this guy for money to buy a prosthetic leg for my horse. And I was only thinking I'd have this strapping 15 year old boy do it for me.

I don't really think the defense is going to win this one. Well, I don't think they'll win should it actually go to trail. I mean, really, do the taxpayers want to pay for something like this? It really depends on where they are, how important the case is, whether it's something the taxpayers want to pay for, and whether there are any witnesses still around.

There are some people that should just be executed to be put out of America's misery. Here are two.

Incidentally, Block's wife filed for a protective order for their 14-month old child...and also a divorce.

Ah, Justice

Now that the Olympics are finally over, we can get back to news.

By the way? Congrats to Michael Phelps for all his gold medals. Also, congrats to the rest of the US Swim Team for making it to the Olympics. That's an honor and even if Mr. Phelps stole your thunder, he can't steal your prestige.

I'm done with that. That was my Olympics rant.

Moving on to more "important" things...

It seems that Brennan McKinney is in the news, again. Don't worry. I didn't know who she was, either. But that article made my toes curl and made me go, "Hmmm..." If you haven't followed these links, you're missing out on quality entertainment.

Brennan McKinney is the woman who had five puppies cloned from her pitbull, Booger. Yes. Her dog's name was "Booger." He died. Probably killed himself. I didn't really feel like looking up the reasons behind the dog's death. Mostly because the pictures of Ms. McKinney terrify me. I will have nightmares for a week featuring her.

Apparently, however, Brennan McKinney is wanted in at least one state (and possibly another country) for some crimes. In 2004, she allegedly planned a burglary and hired a 15 year old to do it. She needed money, you see, for a prosthetic leg. For her horse. I think this woman dropped a little too much acid in the 60's.

What's worse is that in 1977, under the name of Joyce McKinney, she allegedly kidnapped a Mormon missionary and chained him to the bed and forced him to be her sex slave. That was in England. She skipped court and moved to America.

Here's the clincher, kiddies.

With two--not one, but two--incidents that she has admitted to, the prosecution is debating on bringing her to justice.
Prosecutors are reviewing charges against the 58-year-old McKinney to decide whether to pursue the case, said Melanie Widener, an assistant district attorney for the county in the northeast part of the state near the North Carolina state line.

"It'll depend on where she is now, how important the case is, how much it would cost the taxpayers and whether witnesses are still around," she said.


"It'll depend on where she is now, how important the case is, how much it would cost the taxpayers and whether witnesses are still around"?!?!

Since when is a crime like rape not important?! Since when is the corruption of a minor not important?! Forget that what she was planning on stealing would have been a felony. And if you're wondering how I jump-shifted to "rape," read the definition, then read what she did in 1977 in England.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, America?!

Am I really the only person that's bothered by the ineffectiveness of our Justice System? A system that will arrest someone for not paying a library fine, but potentially won't prosecute a psychotic woman who's committed two felonies in two different countries?! Throw me a bone! Arrest the crazy lady and do your job!!

Taxpayers pay more for stupid lawsuits (like suing because hot coffee is hot) and "scientific investigations" (like "Do Cows Produce Methane?" Um? Duh?) that we don't even notice if we're paying for something that, I dunno, SHOULD BE PROSECUTED!!!!!!!

Cut the bull.

It's not just "..with liberty for all." It's "..with liberty and justice for all."