Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stupid Criminals

The Darwin Awards will be wonderful this year. Especially if it includes the name Tyree Monique Tate in the nominations. Why, you ask? Because this gem of humanity hid herself in a trash compactor after she allegedly shoplifted from TJ Maxx.

That's right! A trash compactor.

She and another girl, having miraculously reached their mid-twenties, were alleged suspects in a shoplifting report at TJ Maxx in Michigan. The two left the store and one hid in the trash compactor, the other behind it.

You can guess what happened.


So, of course, you know what's going to happen. The alleged accomplice will be charged with shoplifting and given a slap on the wrist in the criminal courts (since, anything under five grand is a misdemeanor) and TJ Maxx...will be slapped with a law suit by Tate's family, claiming some criminal negligence for not checking to make sure there wasn't a person in their trash compactor before crushing the garbage.

You know it's true. Deep in the cockles of your heart...maybe even the sub-cockles... Who knows, but, the point is...you know you're going to be glued to CNN for the latest developments in this case...And to this blog just to see me rant and say, "I TOLD YOU SO!" when it happens.

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Artemis Tau said...

I love the Darwin Awards. Though it saddens me to think that the idiot family might actually win the suit.....