Friday, August 22, 2008

A Ray of Light

Here's an American who gets it. Normally I'd go off on how doctors are just Satan incarnate and whatnot, but this... this needs to be talked about.

David Puckett gets it. He understands that medicine and the Hippocratic oath aren't just about selling people on some new drug, taking kick-backs from the drug companies, or doing a half-hearted job. He understands that it's about making people healthy.

If you haven't clicked the link to read the article, lemme just summarized. This man donates his time. To Mexico. It's no secret that the rush of illegals from Mexico come to here to America because Mexico sucks. I'm not trying to be harsh, I'm just stating a fact. In 41 trips to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, Puckett has treated about 420 patients.

What does he do for these patients? He provides artificial limbs. Puckett is a certified prosthetist/orthotist from Savannah, GA. He has established a non-profit organization called Positive Image Prosthetics that takes used prosethetics to craft new ones for those in need. And when he treats these 420 patients, he does it FREE OF CHARGE.

Take THAT, you HMO's!

Puckett's only complaint is that he doesn't have a surgeon who's willing to donate time and take a pay cut to go with him. Puckett estimates that if he had a surgeon, he could treat 8-10 patients in a weekend.

Dr. K. Nania, a chiropractor here in Southern California, does something similar. At least twice a month, she flies to Mexico for the weekend to treat patients, completely free of charge. It is possible for people in the medical profession to be about healing and not money. Shocking, but true.

What's sad is neither of these gracious doctors could offer this type of service in America. Why? Several reasons. First, insurance companies would cease to work with them. That would automatically force them into either closing their practice, or having to charge more just to cover the costs of their businesses. Second, there are some rather greedy Americans out there. Everyone loves getting something for nothing, and if your livelihood relies on someone else's me, it just can't be that way. Sad as it is. Plus, what happens if something goes wrong? How are they indemnified or covered from the sue-happy American looking for a quick buck?

This country's healthcare system is worse than screwed up. God bless those who try to make a difference--even if it is in another country.

Oh, by the way? Do something good. Make yourself feel better and donate to the cause. After all, it's tax deductible and you'll be helping someone else make a better life for themselves.

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