Monday, August 25, 2008

Ah, Justice

Now that the Olympics are finally over, we can get back to news.

By the way? Congrats to Michael Phelps for all his gold medals. Also, congrats to the rest of the US Swim Team for making it to the Olympics. That's an honor and even if Mr. Phelps stole your thunder, he can't steal your prestige.

I'm done with that. That was my Olympics rant.

Moving on to more "important" things...

It seems that Brennan McKinney is in the news, again. Don't worry. I didn't know who she was, either. But that article made my toes curl and made me go, "Hmmm..." If you haven't followed these links, you're missing out on quality entertainment.

Brennan McKinney is the woman who had five puppies cloned from her pitbull, Booger. Yes. Her dog's name was "Booger." He died. Probably killed himself. I didn't really feel like looking up the reasons behind the dog's death. Mostly because the pictures of Ms. McKinney terrify me. I will have nightmares for a week featuring her.

Apparently, however, Brennan McKinney is wanted in at least one state (and possibly another country) for some crimes. In 2004, she allegedly planned a burglary and hired a 15 year old to do it. She needed money, you see, for a prosthetic leg. For her horse. I think this woman dropped a little too much acid in the 60's.

What's worse is that in 1977, under the name of Joyce McKinney, she allegedly kidnapped a Mormon missionary and chained him to the bed and forced him to be her sex slave. That was in England. She skipped court and moved to America.

Here's the clincher, kiddies.

With two--not one, but two--incidents that she has admitted to, the prosecution is debating on bringing her to justice.
Prosecutors are reviewing charges against the 58-year-old McKinney to decide whether to pursue the case, said Melanie Widener, an assistant district attorney for the county in the northeast part of the state near the North Carolina state line.

"It'll depend on where she is now, how important the case is, how much it would cost the taxpayers and whether witnesses are still around," she said.


"It'll depend on where she is now, how important the case is, how much it would cost the taxpayers and whether witnesses are still around"?!?!

Since when is a crime like rape not important?! Since when is the corruption of a minor not important?! Forget that what she was planning on stealing would have been a felony. And if you're wondering how I jump-shifted to "rape," read the definition, then read what she did in 1977 in England.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, America?!

Am I really the only person that's bothered by the ineffectiveness of our Justice System? A system that will arrest someone for not paying a library fine, but potentially won't prosecute a psychotic woman who's committed two felonies in two different countries?! Throw me a bone! Arrest the crazy lady and do your job!!

Taxpayers pay more for stupid lawsuits (like suing because hot coffee is hot) and "scientific investigations" (like "Do Cows Produce Methane?" Um? Duh?) that we don't even notice if we're paying for something that, I dunno, SHOULD BE PROSECUTED!!!!!!!

Cut the bull.

It's not just "..with liberty for all." It's "..with liberty and justice for all."

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