Monday, August 25, 2008

There Are Not Words...

My SO's great. I get real gems of news stories in my inbox at random points through the day with messages like, "WTF?! I think you know what to do with this, sweetie." I do. I so do.

This is one of those gems...

It seems that the FBI is getting involved in this one. 'Bout bloody time. Considering they won't lift a finger on the McKinney case, they need to do something on this one. The difference is, this one involved a 5 year old girl. McKinney just tried to get a 15 year old to commit felony larsony. These two Darwinites tried to sell a 5 year old for sex. I can understand the need to hop on the high horse and do something.

I'm not even sure where to begin.

Jennifer Richards (25) and Sean Michael Block (40...and married. To someone else) had a great plan. They wanted an apartment, a car, and child care for a 10-month old child. To get these wonderful luxuries that most Americans possess, they weren't going to pay money--oh, no! That's not the American way! Why pay money when Richards has a five year old daughter?

Still not following, huh. Yeah, I don't get it, either.

Richards and Block both worked at The Cheesecake Factory. I've eaten there. I know how much that food costs. You can't tell me they don't have money. Especially since Block was a bartender. Anyway, these two incredibly bright individuals thought it was a wonderful plan to sell the 5-year old for sex, then blackmail the buyer.

That only works in movies.

And if you're the FBI.

...and you have to love defense attorneys. "Yes, Your Honor, I understand the charges are severe. But, there is no evidence that my client acted on anything! He was only thinking about it."

I was only thinking about robbing this guy for money to buy a prosthetic leg for my horse. And I was only thinking I'd have this strapping 15 year old boy do it for me.

I don't really think the defense is going to win this one. Well, I don't think they'll win should it actually go to trail. I mean, really, do the taxpayers want to pay for something like this? It really depends on where they are, how important the case is, whether it's something the taxpayers want to pay for, and whether there are any witnesses still around.

There are some people that should just be executed to be put out of America's misery. Here are two.

Incidentally, Block's wife filed for a protective order for their 14-month old child...and also a divorce.

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