Monday, August 25, 2008


I'm sick of being nice.

I'm sick of people blaming everything on other people instead of taking responsibility. This deserves a rant. This deserves a petition. This deserves to have the people in charge sent to a firing range for target practice. With them as the targets.

A nine-year old pitcher has managed to get his Little League Baseball team disbanded. Not because he threw a tantrum and beat some kid up. Not because he cussed his coach out. Not even because he pitched a ball that injured another kid. No. His team is being disbanded because...

...he has a 40mph fast ball.

That's right! He's too damn good, so because they won't play him in another position in which he is not happy and does not excel, the Little League is disbanding his team.

WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This poor kid said (as quoted from the article), "I feel sad. I feel like it's all my fault nobody could play."

HE'S 9!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever happened to encouraging and nurturing a talent?! When did we start PUNISHING kids for being good at something?! "He can pitch against older players..." Riiight. Like the coach is going to run an age verification on every opposing player. I think not.

Where is this taking place? New Haven, CT.

This is a totally rich story, too.

Officials told the boy's coach not to let him pitch. The coach didn't understand that logic (nor do I) and when the boy took the mound, the opposing team walked off. That's teaching sportsmanship and maturity.

Yes, instead of teaching your team how to, ya know, bat against a good pitcher, let's punish the player who's doing something he loves and excels at.

Sorta like those stupid "standardized" tests. They punish the people who are intelligent in areas that aren't logic or verbal. You want to know how to squelch a child's psyche? It's not by spanking them for doing something wrong. It's by benching them for being too good.

So, yes. Let's foster mediocrity and wonder why our President thinks it's a "nucular" war and our Vice President thinks a human is a deer. Let's foster bad behavior by allowing the child to dictate his own punishment so he can go out and do something that forces James Hetfield to inconvenience your life. Again.

Then let's blame society for our lack of thought and reason in child-rearing. Let's blame the schools for not offering after-school programs that would foster skills to make the child be---oh, wait! Little League is an after-school program that would foster skills to make the child better...and when it succeeds, it's taken from the child.

Imagine what would have happened if Mendel had his microscope taken from him. Or if Galileo actually caved and went with the geocentric view of the universe. Or if Pierre and Marie Curie had put away their chemistry sets...

Imagine if Babe Ruth had been disallowed to hit. Or Hank Aaron. Or Barry Bonds.

I suggest not being a dumb American and clicking all those links in the last two paragraphs. Unless you're afraid of learning something new. If you are, then I hear there's a trash compactor that needs examination.

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