Thursday, September 18, 2008

Who's the Pig

I'm not usually in agreement with PETA. In fact, PETA, to me, means "People Eating Tasty Animals." But, sometimes they do things that make sense and you can really get behind. Like the concept of putting infertility drugs in bird seed so that the pigeon problem slowly disappears. Good idea.

And like in this case...

I'd like to meet the man who thinks it's really okay to shove a metal rod up a sow's rear when she won't move. I'd like to meet the man who thinks it's really okay to beat on a pig because he's upset with the world. I'd like to meet the man who thinks it's really okay to treat a pig like it can't hurt or feel or anything.

Because if I meet that man....I'll shove a metal rod up his rectum, beat him senseless and let him know it's okay because ... he's stupid. I'm toning down the language for this blog. I'd like people to be able to read it during working hours.

Just because a pig can't talk doesn't mean it can't feel. And any person who thinks it's okay to hurt an animal just for fun or just because "it's better than hurting a human," really needs psychiatric help.

I love the part where the undercover PETA agent is asked if he knows who PETA is... Yeah, you're gonna have to follow the link on this one, babies. There is so much in this story that makes me mad that I can't make a cohesive rant out of it.



Ideas for how to fix the problem...which I'm sure you probably can guess after reading this article. "It's just an animal!" Yeah? Well, that baby you're torturing is just a baby. "That's different! It's a human!" Really? Then why is it legal to kill them? "It isn't!" I site for you the abortion laws. "They're not human before their born!" Oh? What are they? Animals?

Full circle.

No matter how you slice it...full circle. Humans are animals and some animals are more human than humans. It's not okay to cause pain because you're pissed off at the world and can't take it out on the person you think deserves it. It's not okay to kill babies. It's not okay to hurt animals. It's not okay to kill. If you disagree, check your moral compass.

I say as I know you all are whining, "But you're for the death penalty, RA!" Darn tootin'. If you're stupid enough to kill someone, I believe in an eye for an eye. Forget over-populating prisons. Kill the idiot.

I'll leave you with this fun thought.

I have a friend who told me she disagreed with my ideas on the death penalty. We shouldn't just kill them in the same manner in which they killed someone (which, I think, would be an excellent deterrent). No! We should grind them up in a meat grinder and send the meat to the starving Third World countries. It would solve two problems.

I'm inclined to think she might be right...

Oh, and if they don't move toward that meat grinder, be sure to ram a metal rod up their butts. That should get them to move...and don't worry about the lube.

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