Monday, September 8, 2008

Life or Death

I'm very much pro-death penalty.

If you do something incredibly stupid like murder someone, you should, subsequently, suffer the same fate. This "criminal rights" crap drives me nuts. Stop victimizing the criminal. Victimize the victim. It was not Paris Talley's fault that her mother is, apparently, a freaking slut who doesn't know the father of her child. It was not Paris Talley's fault that her parents were psychotic and decided to argue over her paternal traits. It certainly was not Paris Talley's idea to be shoved into a microwave and burned to death.

Yeah. I have a suggestion for punishment. I fully believe that the punishment should fit the crime. This "cruel and unusual" crap doesn't refer to gassing someone or lethal injection or electric chair. Or even firing squad. Heck, that stuff's tame compared to my idea of the death penalty. If someone burns a baby in a microwave oven, build a huge microwave and stick the person in it--it's called an incinerator. Do it while their alive. Why? Because that's what they did. To a BABY.

I have better ideas for rapists. And child molesters. I'm a very twisted individual and yet, a rather productive member of society. At least I think so.


Point. The jury in this case couldn't agree on the death penalty for this woman. So... she gets life in jail without parole.

That's more than her one-month-old daughter will ever have. She has no life. She has nothing to look forward to. She'll never go to kindergarten...graduate high school...earn a Master's degree...

Her mother, on the other hand, gets to sit in a state penitentiary and, on the tax payer's dime, earn a college degree through the education program. She gets 3 square meals a day, exercise, and the chance to work. For the rest of her life. Food, shelter, clothing... Sounds like a pretty good deal.

All for killing a baby!

Yeah, that's our justice system. A jury of your peers who don't believe killing you for killing a child is right. If you do the crime, fess up and pay the consequences. If that means you die for it, guess what? You should have thought about that before you killed someone.

And while we're on this topic... Rapists and child molesters. You people get off (no pun intended) virtually scott-free. Yes, yes, you register as a sex offender, but you know what, America? If it happened once, it will most likely happen again. Seven years in jail isn't going to "reform" a rapist. It may a child molester. From what I understand, they become the "wife" of some guy named "Biff." Whether they want to or not. Which is okay by me.

Rapists...they should be castrated. Barring that, they should have a notch made in their penis and then the families of the victims get to take either side and pull--like a wishbone. Oh, and don't let him be asleep for it. He should be awake. Wide awake.

Medieval torture fascinates me. As does Roman torture...It was a long time before I realized Iron Maiden was a rock group... The worst form of torture, however is reading this story. No seriously... read it. You'll come to appreciate torture, I promise. You could always try this version...

Incinerate. Decapitate. Whatever death fits the crime. Do it. It's only cruel and unusual if the murderer himself is creative.

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