Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fat Jeans? Exercise!

Yeah, you read the headline correctly--if you're fat, 3-4 hours of moderate exercise per day will help keep you from being overweight, according to a new scientific study.


That's right. A new study showed that people with a family history of weight problems (aka "the fat gene") were no more likely to gain weight than those without a history, if they exercised.

Thank you, Einstein.

When, exactly, did America become so stupid? It had to be after the Victorian era. Probably the '60's when everyone experimented with the mind-altering drugs. It had to have been. I've read the poetry and prose from the Victorian era. It's heady and vibrantly descriptive. Exact and vivid verbage that painted not only pictures, but art. Read H.P. Lovecraft, sometime.

Back to the point.

OF COURSE, exercise "blocks" weight gain! It's sorta already been proven that if you get up off your lazy butt and do something, you won't turn into a fat slob. If people stop playing video games and watching TV and maybe go for a walk or a bike ride--rollerblade, skateboard, swim--they not only would find themselves enriched with fresh air and vitamin D, but also healthier!

People have, since the dawn of time, known that activity keeps them from gaining weight. No matter if you're "predisposed" to gaining weight, if you GET UP AND MOVE, you won't! Well, as long as you don't cram your face with twinkies and McDonald's you won't.

Good grief, people. Did we really need a scientific study to learn something we already knew?! Just how stupid are we? Don't answer that. I'm not sure I even want to know...

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Artemis Tau said...

In other news: A study was just released that shows these studies merely point out the logically obvious, and only total morons buy into their necessity!