Wednesday, September 17, 2008

All Time Low...

First of all... pardon for the lack of rant yesterday. I was pretty much sick. I think I ate a bad pear or something. Maybe my disturbing dreams are finally catching up with me. Who knows. Point is, I missed the rant, so today, you get a doozy.

Apparently, the best news comes from Florida. The land of real crime. Where hardened criminals are in prison for sex, lies, and drugs--and, apparently, showing 4-5 inches of underwear from the waistband of their pants.

Yes, that's right.

The Fashion Police have struck again. Only, this time, it's actually criminal and not just a nifty phrase. So, this teenager lands his butt in jail overnight because he's wearing saggy pants.

I hate saggy pants.

To quote an ad from an MMO-based radio station: "It is considered excessive self disclosure to tell everyone [in the city] what kind of panties you are wearing." In my opinion, it's excessive self-disclosure for me to see your rear end hanging out of your pants. And, I mean this from the bottom of my heart, I hope you trip. In front of your friends.

Moving on.

Apparently, there's no real crime going on in Florida and the officers need to show kids why people dislike cops. Of course, the ACLU is singing on this one: "It will result in racial profiling!"

Know how to stop it?


The article says the "style" started in prison because of ill-fitting uniform pants and no belts. To my knowledge, that style started in prison to indicate who was the sheep.

Oh, yeah. I went there.

Seriously, though. Do the cops in Florida have nothing better to do than eat donuts and arrest teenagers for their lack of fashion sense? No wonder there's so much drug trafficking going on there. No one is interested in stopping the "War on Drugs." The illegals that enter into Florida are welcomed there! The big problem, really, is how low your pants sit on your hips.

It's a crime...

How about arresting the fashion designers for coming up with pants that are made to fit like that? Meh. Waste of time.

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