Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Are You a RepubliCAN or a RepubliCANT?

John McCain, Republican nominee for President, has yet to make a decision that the Republicans who presumably support him have agreed with. Does this mean his decisions are wrong? No. It means he's making his choices independently of the opinions of his constituents. Which is good. He's voting his conscience.


It's not McCain that's going to lose the election for McCain. It's not his Vice-Presidential pick, Susan Palin. It's his party.

That's right! The very people who nominated him as the Presidential candidate are going to lose the race for him. Why? Because they're doing the mud-slinging for the Democrats. Obama's already stated he wants no part of bashing Palin's family. So. That actually works in favor of the Democrats. Hmmm... the Republicans must secretly want Obama to win.

Maybe they agree with the rest of the nation that "change is good."

No matter who McCain chose for VP, he was going to be ridiculed. He wanted Tom Ridge or Joe Lieberman. I've met Mr. Ridge. He would be a fine Vice President. He was a great governor. The shmuck PA has in office now isn't so hot. But, that's a rant for another time. I got out of the state before I had to deal with him. I currently live where The Governator will be "bahck!" Most likely. He's not that bad...but, I digress.

No matter who McCain chose for VP, he was going to be ridiculed! Both Ridge and Lieberman are pro-choice--something the Christian Right Wing (that everyone in the Republican camp was worried about) managed to overlook while Ridge was governor of PA. They didn't like it, but Ridge was that good that it didn't matter. Besides, Obama has PA, at the moment, just because Sen. Joe Biden was born and reared there. States like their home-grown boys--especially if they're good. And Biden's good.

Ridge was good. Ridge may have been the better choice--but that's what McCain gets for listening to his consituents. So, he selected Palin. Now, apparently, there is a big to-do about how she's not the appropriate choice. And who is saying this? CAMPAIGN STAFF! That's right. Republicans.

Excuse me. RepubliCANTs.

She CAN'T do this... She CAN'T do that... This factor means she CAN'T be good at this...

She's YOUR CANDIDATE! SUPPORT HER! Let the Democrats sling the mud. Or...because Obama said no to mudslinging at people's families, do you feel you need to do it for them? I'm all about making infomred decisions, but that's like ratting out your own teammates, guys. Way to lose the game for yourselves. Isn't that what got Shoeless Joe Jackson banned from baseball?

What will happen, I predict in my oh-so-prophetic way, is that Obama will win the election and the Republicans (who've spent their time complaining about their candidate) will complain about the changes Obama implements. Ya know what, boys? YOU DON'T GET TO COMPLAIN IF YOU SABBOTAGE THE ELECTION.

That's what you're doing.

You want McCain to have a fair chance? Stop slinging mud at him and his VP. You want to fight to win the election, do what Obama did--establish your platform and stick with it. Talk about the issues, not the families. Who the heck cares if Bristol Palin is 5 months pregnant? She could have had an abortion! Oh, but you would have complained about that, too, wouldn't you? Yes, yes, there is no pleasing you. As if your daughters or sons haven't gone out and done something "bad" and gotten caught for it. How about we delve into your family life and see the skeletons you hide. Then we can remove you from your supposed position of "RNC Police."

If you're a GOP'er...be a RepubliCAN and not a RepubliCANT.

A RepubliCANT is nothing but a Democrat.

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