Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dumb Dumb dee Dumb

I promised I'd rant this weekend.

Amidst trips to the office to help my SO determine the source of my computer problems, trips to BestBuy (who, by the way, no longer carry motherboards), and to the kitchen to make food, I've found a story that makes me just sit here and shake my head.  Normally, I probably wouldn't find such a story rant-worthy, but ... I guess with the demise of my motherboard, I can rant about just about anything at the moment!

Grace Bergere, a 12-year old rock 'n' roll drummer (yeah, they start young, nowadays.  Thanks, Disney), fell 14 stories.  Down a chimney.  Oh, and this was at her apartment--well, her family's apartment.

See, she was showing her friend the beautiful view from the rooftop deck.  Then decided to climb a 25 foot ladder to the highest point...which happened to be at the chimney, which she happened to fall into.

Don't worry, she's fine.  Injured hip is all that she got from the ordeal--and a covering of soot.  The ash pile at the bottom of the chimney was about two feet thick, so it broke her fall.

Well, praise be to the Twelve Gods of the Northern Realm!  She'll live another day and Darwinism has, once again, proven false.  But, as we know, if her father is a true American, he'll sue his apartment complex for something ridiculously stupid--like not putting a sign up saying that, "Hey, if you're an idiot and you climb the 25 foot ladder, you could fall down the freaking chimney!" Or some other such nonsense.  

At least this kid's found something constructive to do with her time.  Her dad's a jazz guitarist and she'd preformed with the kids' choir for the symphony, but...that was too "angelic" (and clearly, not dangerous enough).  She likes playing the drums.  That's excellent!  There is a lack of female drummers in the world.  And at least she's not out tagging places or causing other rock stars to make life miserable for the rest of us peons.  

Hey, I promised I'd rant.  I didn't promise it'd be stellar.   

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