Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CA's Prop 8

I was going to avoid this topic. But, I've decided to just go with it. Especially after my darling SO sent me this little article.

*takes a deep breath*

GET AN EFFING CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you.

Now. Let's move on.

For those of you not living in California, Prop 8 directly affects the Supreme Court (CA State) ruling that same-sex marriages should be legal. Now. California already recognizes same-sex partnerships the same way they recognize marriage.


There's not a difference. If you want to wear rings, wear 'em! A little piece of paper means jack. Trust me, I have one. I still retain my rights as a human and I'm still entitled to whatever state law allows me. JUST LIKE YOU!

Just because I voted for Prop 8 to be passed because I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman doesn't mean I hate you. It does mean that I disagree with your lifestyle, but you know what? Talk to me for five minutes and you'd figure that out. I'm sorta the "love the sinner, hate the sin" kinda person. Ya know, like Jesus.

So, what's really got my dander? The Musical Theatre community. They actually decided to boycott the director because he chose to vote for Prop 8 (or against it...not sure which it's supposed to be, really. Never did get a straight answer). By the way? Prop 8 passed, meaning that same-sex marriages aren't recognized as legal marriages in the state of CA. This upsets people because...they didn't get their way, I guess....see all previous statements of having the same benefits as marriage.

It's getting to the point in this country where "religion, race, gender, or creed" is actually being reversed. You're "intolerant" if you disagree with a "minority." Screw these so-called minority groups. I'm not coddling you. GROW UP! You're just as dumb as the rest of us. I don't care if you're gay. I don't care if you're Muslim. I don't care if you're pink with purple polk-a-dots. You don't get special treatment. You're a dog gone AMERICAN. We have 25 amendments to our Constitution that give you more freedoms and liberties than you can get anywhere else in the world. Just because my ancestors were (mostly) white doesn't mean I owe you anything. My ancestors didn't even live in the United States until well after the Civil War. To boot, they didn't even own slaves. I owe you zipp-o.

Even if they did, there's a law in place that prohibits them from continuing that practice. I owe you nothing--not even an "Oh, I'm sorry that nearly 200 years ago, some distant relative of mine beat the snot out of a distant relative of yours. I can see where this has caused such painful trauma in your life."

If you're gay, great! I owe you nothing. You don't owe me anything for being straight, why do I owe you something for your choices? You're not "born gay." You make that choice. I have plenty of gay friends and I know that somewhere in their lives, they made the choice. I'm not buying your crap of "I was just born this way." Take some dog gone responsibility and stop making -me- have to pay for your crap.

Make your choice then deal with the consequences. Like a HUMAN BEING.

Alcoholism is a choice.
Obesity is a choice. There are very few situations where it is not.
Lesbianism/Gay-ism/bi-sexualism is a choice.

Make your choice and DEAL with it!

I understand, not everyone can be mature and accept responsibility. But, someone's gotta start somewhere. Don't make me link every previous blog entry. (( you can search my site for more... just use the handy search function. It's right there to the right. ))

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