Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nebraska's a Safe Haven

Many states have a "safe haven" law. It's a good thing. It allows for a mother to drop off her newly born baby, no questions asked. It's better than aborting it, in my opinion. There are a lot of women out there who want to have kids and can't. The children can be adopted, at the very least. It also prevents gems of people from doing stupid stuff.

Nebraska's safe haven law, however, needs a bit of tweaking.

In the other states, the cut-off line for abandoning a child at a safe haven is about a week after birth. In Nebraska, you have up til the child is 19.

That's right. NINETEEN!

There are some people who spout off how this is a good thing. It prevents abuse!

Whatever. You really think that someone who is or is planning on abusing their child is going to drop them off at a safe haven? Nooooooooo. They don't do that. That's like, work! And thought! And...*gasp* RESPONSIBLE!

This is America. We don't have responsibility here.

See, people like to think that spanking a child is child abuse. I'm here to tell you. IT AIN'T!

That's why God gave us butts. To apply the Board of Education to the Seat of Knowledge. If spankings squelch personality, my parents squelched mine all over the house.

...and look how NORMAL I turned out!

Besides, what's one man's child abuse is another man's fetish, right? Yeah, I know. You don't want to think about that one...but deep down, you know I'm right.

So, what's the point I'm making? I haven't yet! Do continue to read.

See, in Nebraska, there have been seventeen children abandoned at these "safe havens." Of those seventeen, four are under the age of ten. Of those 17, nine of them belonged to one man and ranged in ages from 1 to 17. Of those 17, one of them... was from another state.

That's right.

If you have a teenager you "just can't deal with" anymore, you can send them to Nebraska--"no questions asked!"

Which is psychologically more damaging? Filing a police report as a minor victim of child abuse or knowing that you parental units abandoned you? Here's the clincher, folks: FOR NO REASON.

There was no evidence of ANY kind of trauma to these kids. The parents simply decided they no longer wanted their responsibility because they couldn't keep their flies closed and their legs together. At seventeen, you're life is suddenly uprooted because your father decided he can't deal with nine of you anymore.

Awww.... my heart bleed's for you....

I don't have kids. Know why?

Because I'm not that responsible. I know this. I like my freedom. I'm selfish, I'm lazy, and I don't need a mini me running around screaming. I have a cat. That's enough. I don't even have parental instincts. I've known this about myself for quite some time. I'd say at least 15 years. "But, Rogue Assassin! You're not that old!" I'm 30. I've known since I was fifteen that I was not cut out to be a parent. I made a decision then and I have stuck to it.


You don't go out and make nine babies and then just decide it's too much for you to handle. Tough luck! You rear them anyway. Your fault for spawning. Why is it that people like me who have no desire for children whatsoever seem to give a flying futa-load more about YOUR kids than you do?!

I've determined the answer to my question is... We've not been lobotomized.

Clearly, you're missing half your brain. And if you aren't, it would fetch a wonderful price. I'm sure there's many scholars out there who could use an fresh, new, UNUSED brain.

I'm all for stopping domestic violence and child abuse. I have issues with the women who feel "they deserve it." With that kind of attitude, it makes me want to slap you, too! But, for those who actually want out of abusive relationships, I'm all for it. I'm all for slugging the weak men who hit women and children--slugging them in the gonads! I'm sure I don't need to reiterate how to deal with rapists and molesters? Yes...I linked the same article TWICE.

Think you're getting a clue...?

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Todos precisam de um DO said...

Hell, this is the first time I read something in a blog until the end, and English is not my first language!
I'm actually starting my blog "in Portuguese" but now you make me think I should write it in both languages...
The world need people like you, you've just made a small/great difference, thanks..