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So, a friend of mine sent me a link to this lovely post and forum comments. I sort of quirked a brow and snickered at most of the first-page comments. Then I decided to follow links.

Psychotic Friend: I figure there's something in here worth a blog rant.
Rogue Assassin: heh.
Psychotic Friend: I mostly figure you'll tear into the girl who's reporting this for being a lying little $h1t.
Rogue Assassin: Heh... yeah, I could blog about it.
I'm a person of few words when it comes to IM conversations. Deal. Point is, he's right.


I can tear into Miss Todd for being a complete moron (or praise her for being one of the best secret campaigners for Obama), or I can lay into the American populace who will read this story and realize that she's an idiot and for that reason only vote for Obama.

I'm not against Obama.

I'm not against McCain.

What I'm against is the American public thinking (or, more appropriately, not thinking) that the only important issue is...the color of the skin of our leader.

Be honest. With yourself. Heck, I don't expect you to be honest with me. I can't get employers to be honest with me, why would I expect you to be?! Now. Back on topic. Be honest with yourself. The color of our President's skin matters to you. It is a yes or no question. It has no qualifiers. Are you ready to accept and embrace change and allow a black man to lead us? I ask this assuming that my reading population is white. If you're actually black, you don't get to answer this question. I have a different one for you. Drill down into the candidates and look at their stance on the issues and then think about how those issues will affect you. That's how the political system is supposed to work in this country. You get a chance to have your voice heard--and yes, every vote counts. Even if you do a write in for Mickey Mouse, your voice still counts. It's not a "throw-away" vote. It's your right and duty as an American citizen (unless, of course, you've been convicted of a felony...then you don't get the right to vote). Speak up, America! Let your voice be heard!


The other question for the blacks that read this blog. If you're voting for Obama, why are you voting for him? Because of his skin color? Be honest.

So, let's go back to our original story of this poor McCain Campaign volunteer being mercilessly attacked just out of view of the surveillance cameras at the walk-up ATM. The alleged attacker saw a bumper sticker/campaign button/lights in the sky which enraged him so much that he gently scratched a backwards "B" on her cheek. Everyone says that it looks like what you would do to yourself in the mirror...and smacks of Morton Downey, Jr. (Please, folks. MORTON Downey, Jr. NOT Robert Downey, Jr. Besides there being a pretty significant age difference and status of life, Robert's a better actor and is quite good looking...despite his drug problem. And speaking of drug problems, he's at least acknowledged it's a problem and doesn't try to hide, say, Mary Kate Olson).

Digression. It happens.

So, this girl thinks that she can run a smear campaign on Obama. But, the problem is, it all comes down to race. McCain's even said some things that allude to race. Oh, what. NOW you want a link, eh? Here's the YouTube video that's brought a lot of controversy to his credibility. I know of at least one person, personally, (and a myriad of internet people) who heard the phrase, "Brown Noise." Now, pardon me, but if you're running for an important position such as, say, PRESIDENT, the last thing you want to do is say something that could even hint at racism. Was it "ground noise" or "brown noise"? Either way, that was probably not the best choice of phrases.

From the news I've seen/read/heard/taken in by osmosis, this political event has been less about the issues at hand (abortion, gay marriage, the war in Iraq) and more about gender and skin color. Conservative Republicans seem to think that Obama lacks the ability to lead this Nation--mostly because he's black. In their minds, they see America turning into a ghetto with "bling bling" everywhere.

Here's a newsflash: IT ALREADY IS. Sadly, the education system in this country has reduced what would be well-educated people into blithering idiots. You know why there's no appreciation for the likes of Poe and Lovecraft? Because no one can understand what the heck they're saying. Imagery is lost on the current crop of Americans--and it's only going to get worse as teachers are disempowered. Texas just laid off a bunch of teachers. Let's make America an even DUMBER place and wonder why crime goes up.

Vote for whomever you want to vote for in November.

Just. Know the issues.



And some others...

Bob Barr - Libertarian Party
Mike Gravel - Libertarian Party
Chuck Baldwin - Constitution Party
Ralph Nader - Independent Party
Cynthia McKinney - Green Party

Don't see your party? Go forth and be informed.

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