Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh, No! The VP is Dressing Professionally!

Since I've been pretty hard-core job searching, I have done a good amount of research on just what it means to "dress professionally." The particular link there is to a consulting firm. If you really read that dress code, you will either feel eternally grateful that you are not subject to such policies, or you will think (as I did), "Dang! That's an awesome policy."

So, why should we hold our Nation's leaders and potential leaders to anything less than a database consulting firm?

My point is in this article. Because we have nothing better to do with our time than harass McCain and Palin about things that don't actually pertain to politics, we have to pick on them about housing and clothing.

See, Mrs. Palin said that she was a "regular hockey mom." The Republican party funded a shopping spree at Sacks Fifth Avenue, among other top of the line expensive places. Why? Because she's a hockey mom.

You can't be respected if your clothes don't match your position. What may be good for a governor of a state is not good for the potential second in command of the Nation. You dress for your position--or the position you want. Sarah Palin wants the position of Vice President. That's how she's dressing.

"But, spending that kind of money with our economy?!"


Because you know what? I'm gonna share a little story with you.

In 1929, the stock market crashed. Big time. It plunged the country into the Great Depression. During that time, people couldn't find jobs fast enough, inflation went through the roof, and just trying to get by gave way to interesting foods (like scrapple). During all this, one man made millions--and one community thrived because of it.

The best way to help the economy, he thought, was to give people jobs so they can return the money to the economy. And that's what he did. Milton S. Hershey commissioned the building of the Hotel Hershey, the Community Center, Senior Hall of the Milton S. Hershey School, the Hersheypark Stadium, the Hersheypark Arena, and a windowless, air conditioned office building for the factory.

The economy in Derry Church, PA didn't know there was a "Great Depression."

So, why is it that we should be upset about the Republican party--yay, even Sarah Palin--spending money during the down time for the economy? She's putting money BACK into the pockets of those working. That's how economy works. You pay for goods and services. Those business make money which they use to pay their employees. Those employees are then able to use that money to spend and it's a great cycle.

Besides, would you vote for McCain/Palin if he wore an Armani suit and she wore something from Target? Probably not. The fact of the matter is, a well-tailored suit not only looks impressive, it's also very empowering. It commands respect. Unless of course, you're me.

Apparently, my little cheap-o suit from the Goodwill just doesn't cut it for commanding respect. If I were running for VP or President, you better believe I'd have my butt in a top-of-the-line charcoal or navy suit from Sacks or Macy's. Heck, I'd go to Italy and have them tailor made to my particular, odd proportions.

So, how about we focus on the issues, mkay?


See... I wanna know what the stance is on the death penalty. And abortion. And God in public. And my right to not have to prove that I'm not a terrorist when I fly. The list can go on and on. When are our boys and girls coming home from Iraq where we should have never been in the first place? When are we going to nuke the crap out of bin Laden?

That's what makes the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates. Their stance on the issues. Not the price tag on the clothing or how many houses they happen to own. Let's focus on what really matters.

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Edward said...

I think the reason people are/should be upset is that they used campaign donations to buy these clothes. I understand that they want her to look good, but 150 thousand dollars is excessive. I would rather have my campaign donation go to advertising, robo-calls, or bribes to radio talk-show hosts to insinuate that Barack Obama is a terrorist or a muslim.