Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's My Blog--I'll Rant About What I Want

So, I've decided. I'm sick of employers lying to me or leading me around by a chain or setting me up in places that I have no business being in.

I've decided that I like me. I've interviewed myself and have found that I am highly appropriate for the job. Therefore, I have hired myself and am no longer "unemployed." The next person that asks me that...I'm going to sock 'em.

I make soaps. And lotions. And aftershaves. And, well, a bunch of stuff. Check it.

Now. Why is this a rant?


I had a job opportunity that paid really good money come up a few weeks ago. Probably about three or so, now. I turned down a job I -wanted- for this job because it paid what I needed and had the hours I could deal with. I mean, it's not every day you get offered $18/hr simply because you understand the in's and out's of pay-per-click. I did all the agency tests--scored a 98% on grammar and spelling; 75+wpm; 13,000+ kpm; 95% on call-center listening skills; 90% on reading comprehension (which, this one I didn't understand as the questions had little to do with reading comprehension and more to do with abstract application); 89% on Excel; and an 89% on Word--and that's without using my keyboard shortcuts that stay the same throughout all versions of those stupid programs. So, as you can see, my office skills are quite valuable.

Week one: I continued looking for other jobs, just in case something happened. I called in to find if there were any temp positions I could work while I waited for my background check to clear. I was told to keep open for this job and that they should contact me within the week. Reluctantly, I agreed. I started looking for only certain kinds of positions--such as management/assistant management, or corporate development.

Week two: Still hadn't heard anything, so I gave a call. No answer. Left a message. I had also sent an e-mail earlier in that day. Waited through the weekend and the beginning of the following week. Finally, on the last day of week two, called and talked to the girl. "They're not sure if they're going to hire more people, now." She told me.

It took all my energy and intestinal fortitude to not scream into the phone, "WERE YOU GOING TO TELL ME!?!?!!?!?!"

Some "sure thing."

That put me back at square one. Not really interested in doing admin work. I'm a management-level-ready employee. I was a management candidate for a retail chain prior to my moving. In fact, had the retail manager in CA not had his thumb up his rear, I'd probably would have been a retail manager. I was one of the best sales reps in the company. Again with employer lies!

I suppose having managed a classroom of 30 brats doesn't count for "management." Or the fact that the one volunteer position I hold is an Assistant Manager position. Obviously, I've no clue how to tell people what to do.

I was a manager when I worked in Food Service, too...while I was in college. Again, it doesn't seem to make a difference.

So, now I can proudly say, I'm the owner. I'm the manager. I'm the CEO, CFO, President, VP, etc., etc. Next time someone wants to try to pay me for work, they'd better offer me a pretty high salary. My skills are not commensurate with "grunt" work. Sorry, folks. That's just how it is.

I refuse to work at a job that does not require any sort of brain power. I will not be happy. I will not be entertained. I will not continue to show up. Challenge me. That's part of what I like about owning my own business! I get to challenge myself!

...and cuddle my cat...

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