Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Money Hawking

Yeah, I'm shameless. I need more money.

This time, however, it's for CA-State insurance licensure. That's right, you heard me. I'm very much interested in an opportunity to work for a life insurance company. In order to do it, though, I need a total of $370 for the exam and the course. Who wants to help me out?

The company is AIL/NILICO. I know I can do this job. I know I can make pretty good money. How do I know? Because I've convinced y'all once before to donate money to my cause.

Actually, the job's pretty easy. The product sells itself, there's no cold-calling, the company is very established, and has a high market return (as in 32% of mailers are returned). It's an easy sell and it's a good launch pad into several areas that I could use as "fall back" areas for my life.

The sooner I get the money, the faster I can make it back. They've all but promised that I'd earn the $370 back within the first week in the field. Yes, it's that kind of good job. I won't go into all the details here--I'll save it for when I have interested parties who need work and I'm starting into my management training.

Anyway. There's a donate button to the right. Please use it. If I can get the first $185, I can register for the test. I'd like to do that this week. The other $185 would be to take the class (which I'd have to do before the test). It's 52 hours of work--something I can do very easily and quickly (I did 400 hours in a week... twice!) So. You know you love me.

I know I haven't been updating here. Know why? LIFE. Okay? Life sucks. A lot. To make a long story short, my husband and I were having troubles. Considered a divorce. Not considering that at the moment, anymore. So, getting better. I'll get back to ranting about stuff as soon as I find a bit of stability. A job would help. This job would be VERY helpful.

So, there ya have it. Want more rants? Donate to my "RA Needs a Job" fund.

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