Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Finally Over

So, the political stuff is finally over. Thank God. Sarah Palin can go back to Alaska and be a soccer mom; John McCain can go back to having no idea how much real estate he owns; Joe Biden can chomp on his bull-dog bone; and Barack Obama can start getting used to being hailed, since he's the chief.

It's now time for those who voted for McCain to nit-pick and get all moany about how the country's going someplace hot in a handbasket.

I just ask that you not talk to me about it. Because I don't care.

I stared at the ticket for a good long time. I almost voted for Bob Barr, but I decided that I liked Obama just enough to vote for him. Since I couldn't actually hear Sarah Palin speak to make a decision on whether or not she'd make a suitable VP, I decided to vote for the ticket that had a strong pairing.

In my not so humble opinion, that was Obama-Biden.

"But RA!" I hear you whine. "Obama is pro-choice!"

Indeed he is. No one's perfect. But, ya know what? I actually did a little research on the candidates. I know, I know--a responsible American who thinks for themselves! Yes, I'm real. Now, I did some research and I discovered something interesting. Obama is pro-choice not because he thinks killing babies is the right thing to do. He's pro-choice because...


If women are going to go out and kill their unborn children, possibly causing damage to themselves, then offer them the opportunity to make an informed decision about it and have it done safely. Obama may be pro-choice, but he's also pro-abstinence. Something that Jamie Lynn should learn about.

Is this our only problem with Obama?


I think our biggest problem with Obama is his skin color. We've come a long way in the past 200+ years, but there's still people out there who don't think a black man should be leading our country. I think there's still a bunch of people out there who don't think a woman should be leading our country, either. In fact, I know there are. Look at how the media--and even the Republicans--treated Palin.

I can't say if the woman is brilliant or not. They would never let her speak. The media would talk over her during broadcasts, the candidates would cut her off, etc. She never really got the chance to shine or crash. And if she did, they were few and far between. I never heard about either. Well, except for that prank phone call. And her dress code.


Which scares you more? A black President, or a female President?

"Yes, we can!" "Change has come to America."

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