Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Common Sense for $1000, Alex

Cell phones.

They're a great tool to use to call people and chat and stay in contact with people 24/7. Of course, if you haven't contracted brain cancer from all the radiation caused by these cell phones, caused yourself sterility, blown up your car while pumping gas and talking on your cell phone, then you probably have a brain cell or two left in your head that are, hopefully, still functioning.


With said functioning brain cell, I would expect the common sense to not do something, like, say... texting while driving your car. Call me crazy. Call me naive. Just don't call me the Text Driver.

Come ON, people! Why do we have to make a law to OUTLAW this?! Common sense should tell you -not- to text someone while you're driving your freaking car. Is it really that important to text someone while you're on the road? No. What did you do in the days before cell phones and text messaging? You waited until you arrived at your destination and you called the person from a land line.

Or you waited until you saw them in person.

With today's tech-savvy world, we've seem to have lost the ability to, I dunno, THINK. We allow these devices--everything from cell phones to PSP's to whatever else--control what we think, do, and experience. If it's not a movie or music, it's a video game or a computer. If you want a cross-section of how unintelligent our society has become, you simply have to go to Yahoo! Answers or YouTube and read the comments.

Apparently, society has become stupid enough to necessitate a law dictating our own safety.

And it's not for the safety of the drivers who are stupidly texting. It's for the safety of the drivers who have to be even more alert for the idiots.

Do us all a favor and just DRIVE. Better yet... take a bus.

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