Thursday, November 15, 2012


Just when you thought it was safe to troll the internet....


For my old readers and my new, I'm back....with a vengeance.  The SO has been supplying me with some good articles; my Facebook feed has been rife with snippets of "duh!" to the point that I've made Facebook rants (and, really, who reads those, anyway?).

You've missed me, sweetlings.  And I've missed you.  RA is back with an acerbic wit not to be matched!  Stay tuned for some wonderful headlines you'll not want to miss!

PS: Thank you, everyone, who fully believe in a "bi-partisan" system of've been the creative spark I've needed--the burr under my butt, the thorn in my side, the ...well, you get it.  It's because of you that I return.  To write....

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